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Easter Egg Tokens


Use these 25 wood tokens to fill your Easter eggs! A great alternative to candy!

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These 25 wood tokens have the following phrases engraved on them: $5 for Dunkin Donuts, Double my Tooth Fairy Money, 1 Hour of Video Games, 1 Extra Bedtime Book, $5, Movie Night of Choice, Stay up an Hour Late, Day with Mom, Cook an Item of Choice, 50 Cents, Game Night of Choice, Trip to a Movie, Day with Dad, 1 Day Free of Chores, You Pick Dinner, 1 Small Toy at the Store, $1, Bake an Item of Choice, Ice Cream Sunday Night, 25 Cents, Trip to the Park, Extra 5 Minutes Screen Time, A Treat After Dinner

Tokens measure approximately 1.25 inches round and cut out of 1/8″ wood. Can be reused after Easter as special reward tokens!